Welcome to the videos page. Here you can find videos I've been able to link to on the web. Since none of the following videos are hosted on there is no guarantee they will be available. Enjoy!

New Year's Eve Prayer Poem Sin-é :: December 31, 1994

The Truth About Jeff Buckley :: August 4, 2018

First known Live footage of Jeff Buckley at Sin-é, New York, Summer 1992

Myles Kennedy performs "Hallelujah" on Jeff's Telecaster. :: Dec. 10, 2019

What Will You Say :: Ella Swissa Tribute :: January 15, 2016

Jeff Buckley - Satisfied Mind

Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life (Live at Gleneagles)

Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over

Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk - Live

Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin (Live at Gleneagles) :: Unknown

You and I (Dylan Cover) :: February 11, 2016

We All Fall In Love Somtimes (Elton John Cover)

Jeff Buckley Mojo Pin | Documentary 2018

Jeff Buckley BB4 Documentary

New Year's Eve Prayer Recital at Sin-e


What Will You Say :: Glastonbury 1995